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INTERVIEW: Krama Yoga and Voice

*The unabridged interview originally appeared in the Krama Yoga March Monthly Newsletter. Read the full Newsletter to find out more about Krama Yoga here.

NGO Partner Spotlight - VOICE Cambodia

Krama Yoga partners with some wonderful NGOs to bring yoga to children and youth. Today we are proud to feature one of those NGOs, VOICE Cambodia. Interview is with Hillary Larman, the Operations Manager at VOICE.

When did VOICE get involved with Krama Yoga?

We started classes six months ago, initially as a trial, after I attended Nataraj for my own practice and learned about Krama Yoga's outreach program. We currently have classes once a month but will be increasing that in the near future.

Why does VOICE think it is important to offer yoga to the children they work with?

Making the trip to the yoga classes alone has an impact. It exposes the children to a different environment and way of life than they're used to. It temporarily removes them from neighbourhoods with issues including drugs, sex work, and violence. When the kids get to yoga a lot of behavioural issues go away. Yoga is a treat for them and they really pay attention. It is our hope that yoga will teach them to self calm, regulate stress, and problem solve.

How has yoga affected the children in their day to day lives?

On the way home from yoga classes we are able to talk to the children about the class and how it made them feel which is important for them to learn to express. There is also cross over into school, with some children displaying more focus and less behavioural issues. We hope with consistency and time the yoga practice will help all the children make positive changes.

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