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Viriak Goes to School

Viriak, Age 7

“I’d leave home at 5:30am to go beg for money. I was gone all day. I got about .75 cents a day. I always take care of my mom and sisters since my dad died of HIV. My mom can’t work much because she is also sick. I really wanted to go to school but most kids in this community don’t go. My mom really wanted me to go too. Now everything is different. I get to go to school every day in my new clothes! I love school and my teacher is nice.”

Since VOICE registered Viriak for school, he seems like a whole new child. He wakes up eager to go to school. He even accidentally went to school on a public holiday and was very disappointed to learn class wasn't in session for the day. We are incredibly proud of his dedication to his studies.


*All names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we serve.

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