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There are many reasons why a person or family is in crisis. VOICE assists people in crisis to access their fundamental human rights (food, shelter, healthcare, education and safety) and to regain social and financial independence with sustainable outcomes.


VOICE supports people in crisis by helping them find practical strength-based solutions. We achieve this through ongoing case management and counselling, supporting clients in securing safe and sustainable employment opportunities or small enterprise loans, emergency housing/shelter support, providing emergency kits (food, clothes, baby supplies and etc) as well as other referrals to other crisis related services. 


At a glance...

Accessing Safe Work

“You don’t need a million dollars to start a business, only knowledge and ingenuity to use the environment around you to make products.”


- Robert Esposito, Founder 

After more 3,500 families lost their homes to forced eviction, many people, particularly women, had no source of income. VOICE was looking for businesses to match these potential workers with sustainable employment. Coco Khmer and VOICE have been working together since its conception to provide such opportunities. 
Coco Khmer was founded in 2013 to ensure employees have good working and living conditions, their children attend school and they have a access to healthcare. The company provides training on how to make virgin coconut oil and others products based coconut oil as soap, baby balm, lip balm or scrub. In addition, workers learn basic life skills. Coco Khmer is committed to producing natural and handmade products using an environmentally-friendly approach.
Accessing Safe Work
Accessing Safe Work

Social Enterprise Placement

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