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"First, we listen"

VOICE is a humanitarian organisation working with people in crisis in Cambodia.

VOICE listens to, supports and empowers people experiencing marginalization and socio-economic disadvantage in Cambodia. Our case managers work with clients to find sustainable solutions whereby people in crisis are empowered to improve their own lives.  VOICE assists children and families in accessing food, shelter, healthcare, education, safety and employment.

VOICE currently has an office in Australia and operates one community crisis centre in Cambodia. VOICE is a recognised charity with ATO endorsed tax concessions and DGR status in Australia. All donations to VOICE are tax deductible in Australia.



VOICE envisages a world where individual voices are heard, people are no longer marginalised and disempowered, and human rights
are respected and upheld.

VOICE aims to:

  1. To make a difference in the lives of marginalised and disempowered people 

  2. To educate the public on the issues of marginalised and disempowered people

  3. To be a sustainable, accountable, and transparent charity

  4. To have a dedicated and passionate team


VOICE staff are highly dedicated, passionate doers, all focused on upholding basic human rights to people in crisis. We are made up of twelve Cambodian staff and one international staff. We vary in age, experience, and talents, making us a diverse forward thinking bunch. 


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