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Education is a Human Right!

In Cambodia, when families relocate it means that children must enter into the rigorous process of re-registration. Since birth registration rates are startlingly low and any formal records are kept in a families homeland commune, many children do not have proper documentation in order to sign up for a new school, let alone track vaccinations, etc. Too often, this dissuades families from going through the hassle of trying to obtain documents and keeps children out of school. A lack of education makes children more vulnerable to exploitation and street work.

Such was the case for the Lee family who had just moved from the provinces for a new job in the city. With a salary of of $5 a day, the family could not afford to take off work or spend money traveling back to their home province to get additional documents. Voice staff worked with the school to ensure these four kiddos wouldn't be denied an education. After providing certificates of affiliation with VOICE, supplying uniforms and school supplies, and enrolling the children in our CCC program for transportation and lunch each day, their first day of school finally arrived. Here they are anxiously waiting to hear who will be their teachers.

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