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VOICE is supported by a dedicated group of supporters who believe in our mission and the capacity to which VOICE can carry out meanful work with little funds. With VOICE, a little truly goes a long way in helping people in crisis in Cambodia.


Gives extremely poor children access to professional healthcare when they need it.

Daily Meal to a Child

Provides a daily meal to a child in need and reduces the pressure for them to work on the streets in order to earn money for food.

Back-to-School Pack

Each year, we have about 125 kids who are eager to go to school. With your support, VOICE provides all the school materials needed for a child to enter school prepared to succeed. This provides uniform, shoes, text books, school transport,etc. to enable a poor child the opportunity to go to school.

Bicycle for School Commute

For children in the provinces, many schools are far away from their homes, so walking long distances is a huge deterent, This can cause children to drop out. Access to a bicycle means access to education.

Employment Assistance

Provides food, clothes, education and healthcare to a child and enables us to help their parents/carers gain employment so their children no longer need to work.

University Scholarship

Provides a University Scholarship to a child orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Crisis Center Operating Costs

Covers the costs of running a 24-hour Community Crisis Centre in a slum community.

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Donate through our online donation page or directly to the Voice Bank Account below.

Voice Bank Account Details:
Account Name: VOICE INC     
BSB: 013-423     
Account Number: 1853-52247     
Financial Institution: ANZ

If you choose to set up automatic transfers from your bank account, please contact us to tell us where to send the tax receipt for your donations.
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