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VOICE works with socially and economically marginalised people in Cambodia to make sure that they are recognised, and to equip them with the skills, knowledge, resources and support necessary to enable them to change their own lives. Learn More

VOICE takes great pride in our emphasis on being fiscally responsible. We prioritize doing more with less. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support!

Want to get involved with VOICE's efforts? Whether you host a fundraiser or donate blood in Cambodia, there are a number of ways for you to take action for VOICE!

VOICE envisages a world where individual voices are heard, people are no longer marginalised and disempowered, and human rights are respected and upheld.

Improving Access to Human Rights

​Voice strives to recognise and listen to people in crisis, assist them to access food, shelter, healthcare, education, safety, employment, and to develop individualised solutions to help get them out of crisis. Click on images below to read some examples of how we have assisted people to access their fundamental human rights.

Look Who's Talking

Fantastic charity doing fantastic things for cambodian children. If you are thinking off donating blood (which is quick, easy and safe) in cambodia contact these guys and they can help you along the way and ensure your donation will help some of the neediest children.

Graham Rutherford

United Kingdom

Awesome charity. I was very impressed by VOICE. They are doing so much. I encourage everyone to donate blood and money to this charity. It will go far in serving kids in Phnom Penh.

Charlotte O'Hanley Ruffner


A reputable charity that gives 100%. My family and I are proud supporters of Voice and the work you do!

Amber Lucas


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