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Sponsor a Cambodian to learn a Trade.


Your $500 donation provides a Trade-Training Scholarship to a Cambodian person in crisis to enable them to learn a trade and earn a living.


We meet many people in crisis who are passionate about learning a trade as a pathway to skilled employment, but they do not have the resources to do so. Your gift of a Trade-Training Scholarship covers the cost of the training required to learn a trade of their choice (some examples include motorbike repair, hairdressing, sewing, cooking courses, service industry courses, and electrician courses) providing the skills to help them and their families break out of the poverty cycle.


Thank you for providing this life-changing gift to a Cambodian person to help them earn a sustainable livelihood, regain independence, and break the cycle of poverty. 


(All donations are tax-deductible in Australia)


** You will receive a printable certificate for your donation.

*** This printable certificate can be given to a loved one as a present if you have donated on their behalf.

Trade-skills Training Scholarship

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