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Sponsor a young Cambodian to attend university.


Your $1000 donation will provide a full scholarship for an underpriveleged Cambodian student to attend university for a year. Your donation covers the cost of their university enrolment and attendance fees for the year, university uniforms, course specific text books and materials, a quality bag, a 2nd-hand laptop, notebooks and stationary.


VOICE works hard each year to enable 12 students who are experiencing social and financial hardship to attend university in Cambodia.  Without this scholarship, these students would not have the opportunity to attend university at all. Your donation gives them the opportunity to pursue their dreams, become tertiary educated, and change the future for themselves and their families.

Thank you for Giving the $1000 Gift of a Univesity Scholarship to an underpriveleged student in Cambodia.

(All donations are tax-deductible in Australia)


** You will receive a printable certificate for your donation.

*** This printable certificate can be given to a loved one as a present if you have donated on their behalf.

University Scholarship

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